The ‘SOP on Patients Consent’ is drafted by Institute of Medicine & Law (IML). It is deliberated upon, finalised, and adopted by the prominent medical associations and others in the healthcare segment. This initiative is the first of its kind not only in India but in the world whereby an SOP on Consent is collectively and voluntarily drafted by a large number of participants. This SOP is expected to clear uncertainties on different aspects of consent that exist today.

The SOP on Patients Consent is and will be available free on the website ‘’ to doctors, hospitals, patients, advocates and all others for all times to come. The SOP could be referred to in case of doubts, and if required, could also be produced in courts.

This exercise to draft and adopt the SOP on Patients Consent is initiated and coordinated by the Institute of Medicine & Law. This initiative is not influenced, sponsored or financed, directly or indirectly, by any person, association, commercial organization, pharmaceutical company or medical device manufacturer. All the expenses of this exercise are borne by the Institute of Medicine & Law for a public cause.

No person or organization, including the Institute of Medicine & Law or the participating medical societies will have or shall claim any IPR or copyright in the ‘SOP on Patients Consent’. This SOP and the consent forms can be used, downloaded, printed, published or reproduced in any form without any permission by any person or organization.